8x8x8 LED Cube 3D Light Square Blue LED Electronic DIY Kit
Note:(Instruction is for reference only, will have some changes with the actual product, such as cha..
 DIY Frequency Tester 1Hz-50MHz Crystal Counter Meter With Housing Kit
Features:Measurable frequency range: 1Hz to 50MHz Measurable signal frequency: up to 30V Can measure..
 DSO138 DIY Digital Oscilloscope Unassembled Kit SMD Soldered 13803K Version With Housing
Note:This version SMD is soldered, is much easier than 13804K version. This is an unassembled k..
100KHz-1.7GHz Full-Band Software Radio HF FM AM RTL-SDR Receiver Radio Frequency Modulation Kit
Specifics:Using RTL2832U + R820T program , taking advantage of the Q channel RTL2832U on adding supp..
420W 6 Chip Semiconductor Refrigeration Cooler Air Cooling Equipment DIY Radiator
Product description:   Material: Metal Size: 160 x 60 x 60mm  Voltage: 12V Power: 420W (6-..
600Pcs TO-92 NPN PNP Bipolar Transistor 15 Value Assortment Kit
Feature:Quantity: 600 Pieces Box size: 98x174mm Mainly used transistor amplifier circuit magnifies.P..
RD1011 Waterproof 12MP 42 LED 940nm 1080P HD IR Night Version Wildlife Trail Track Hunting Camera
Features: During day, sharp and clear colour images and during night time clear black and white i..
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