10 15 24 36 Value Electronic Components Storage Assortment Box
Description: Format size of this electronic components assortment box can be assembled arbitrary,..
 100A 22000W Power Monitor Module AC Meter Panel 45-65Hz Test Voltage AC 80-260V
If you need only the CT, please check this: >>>Here   Many buyers are response: ..
 100pcs Mini Micro Momentary Tactile Touch Switch Push Button DIP P4 Normally Open
Description: Feature momentary contact, 4 pins, round black push button, through hole mounting, 6..
 1350pcs 135 Value 1/4W Metal Film Resistor Assortment Kit
Spcification:Power: 1/4W Capacitor range: 1Ω~1MΩ Max. working voltage: 250V Max. overloa..
 1450pcs 2.54mm Male Female Dupont Wire Jumper With Pin Header Connector Housing Kit
Description:1450 Pcs 2.54 mm Connector KitFeatures:1.Good for home electronics prototyping. 2.Compat..
 1uF-2200uF 125pcs 25 Values Electrolytic Capacitors Assorted Kit Set
Features: This powerful and useful tool pack can repair for the power supply for the Pansat 9200 ..
 3 IN 1 120pcs 10cm Male To Female Female To Female Male To Male Jumper Cable Dupont Wire For Arduino
Description: 120pcs 10cm jumper cable dupont wire for Arduino: Male To Female, Fema..
 310pcs 2.54mm Male Female Dupont Wire Jumper With Header Connector Housing Kit
Features:1. Good for home electronics prototyping. 2. Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi proje..
 40pcs FR-4 2.54mm Double Side Prototype PCB Printed Circuit Board
Specification: Total 40pcs, each size 10pcs Grid : 0.1" (2.54mm) Thickness : 1.6mm(5pcs) Hol..
 5M 1.27mm 20P Jumper Cable DuPont Wire Rainbow Flat Wire Support Wire Soldered
Feature:Long: 5M Pin number: 20 Pin Material: Tinned copper wire Pitch: 1.27mm, suitable for 2.54mm ..
 TEC1-12705 Thermoelectric Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System Equipment Kit Cooler Fan
Specification:Semiconductor coolers are a form of solid state cooling that incorporates both semicon..
0.28 Inch Dual Display Red Blue LED Panel Voltmeter 4.5-30V Digital Volt Meter Ammeter 1-100A
Specifications: Working current: <60mA Display mode:0.28" LED double colors(Red,Blue) D..
100pcs 8 Values Diode Bag Assortment Kit 1N4148 FR107 1N5408 For Arduino
Specification:   1.Wattage: 1W 2. Diode/rectifier type: DO-41  3. RoHS: Yes 4. Standard Re..
10Pcs Micro Limit Switch Roller Lever 5A 125V Open Close Switch
10Pcs KW12-3 Micro Limit Switch Roller Lever 5A 125V Open/Close SwitchFeatures:Operating temperature..
120pcs 20cm Male To Female Female To Female Male To Male Color Breadboard Jumper Cable Dupont Wire Combination For Arduino
Description:40pcs chromatic male to male color jumper wire 40pcs chromatic color female to fema..
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